Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vote NO on 86 (Oregon); A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Do you want banks to run Oregon, to say what Oregonians can and can't do? Do you want banks to force us to raise taxes, eliminate social services and sell our state resources (such as our public school system of free K-12 education and State Parks) to the highest bidder, and give that money to banks? Sound unbelievable? It has already happened in countries around the world whose governments did what Measure 86 is proposing -- accept loans from banks. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund call raising taxes, eliminating social services and selling state resources "Structural Adjustments," conditions they place on money they loan to governments. I saw it happen in 2003 in Bolivia, where it led to bloodshed in the streets of La Paz.

Measure 86 is proposing that the government of Oregon change its constitution to allow it to go into debt to banks. Incurring debt is a way to hold a government and a people hostage to the desires of big business, the Banks. If you want a lot more details about how banks have been doing this, you can read the New York Times Bestseller Shock Doctrine by journalist Naomi Klein.

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